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 Welcome to Middlefield Plastics, Inc.




Founded in 1970, Middlefield Plastics, Inc. specializes in custom plastic extrusions for a wide range of industries, from aerospace to toys. With over 40 years experience in manufacturing high-quality tubing extrusions and coextrusion profiles. We pride ourselves on our customer service, our expertise and experience with custom plastic extrusions.

Our employees know every aspect of the extrusion and troubleshooting process so we can produce a product to your exact specifications. From the initial design consultation to project completion, we will work with you every step of the way. Middlefield Plastics, Inc. can design and run production of any project, with special attention paid to tolerances, color and overall quality. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate low and high volume production runs, short-turnaround times and mid-production changes.

Our business is 100 % custom, and we look forward to quoting your new or existing project. Browse our site for more information, or call us today!

Middlefield Plastics, Inc. | 15235 Burton Windsor Road | P.O. Box 708 | Middlefield, OH 44062 | Phone: 440-834-4638